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Walk Sometimes while I am walking I close my eyes for some moments after taking a lookahead of some meters. This feels great. I listen to my steps. Listen to the noise when my feet touch the ground. I can feel the wind. During these moments I experience everything around me in a special way. …

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Generosity: Never again I will think about it. Promised!

Generosity is one of the 5 elements of working out loud. Due to the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Generosity is “…a willingness to give help or support, esp.[…especially…] more than is usual or expected…”. In his article The Generosity Test John Stepper seems to push it even a step further when he writes, that “…the key to …

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blockchain = working out loud?

Sounds odd? Let’s see how we can explain this. Blockchain bases on the principle to create trust by distributing information on a peer-to-peer network. Additionally it ensures pervasiveness and immutability of information by using advanced cryptographic procedures. Does it sound more familiar now? Working out loud leverages the power of peer-to-peer networks too. Moving the …

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