Every time is the right time

„It is never too late to start something new“ – this thought accompanied me during the course of my personal www.mypersonalwolchallenge.com. I am convinced this is true at all times of my life and especially while getting older. But everytime when this message comes to my mind I somehow am sensing an imbalace within this sentence. Some days ago it became clear to me why.

In an earlier blogpost I already mentioned the concept of framing. This concept becomes important at this point again. Though carrying an positive message the sentence „it is never too late to start something new“ triggers the too-late-frame. This does not feel good. And it was the reason why I felt an imbalance in the above sentence. From here it was not so difficult to rephrase it.

Every time is the right time to start something new. This feels better for me and I am convinced it is true and gets more important for me with every day of my life.

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