The Goal

Goal part 1:

I want to find out, if it is possible to practice WOL as a one-person-circle supported through the networking capacity of the internet.

a. Evaluation if it was possible to achieve progress with respect to the 5 WOL principles:

  • build relationships which are helpful with respect to the goals of my activities
  • strengthen relationships through investments
  • achieve more visibility
  • achieve my learning/discovery goal
  • develop an open and curious mindset with respect to my objectives

b. Evaluation of the one-person-circle experience

  • was this a positive or negative experience for me?
  • did I experience changes in how I work?
  • did I achieve my learning goals?
  • general what are my lessons learned regarding the on-person-circle
  • was it a difference between working just alone or in other environments or as a one-person-circle

Goal part 2:

I want to learn about the basics of blockchain, what the mathematical foundations are and which technical frameworks exist. Since blockchain is often falsely seen as just another word for cryptocurrency I want to make clear, that I am interested here in blockchain as a technological basis which can be used to implement solutions for a variety of use cases. I want to take an open online course in the internet and go through all the exercises of the course and read through the learning material.

Deliverable of Part 2:

Finalization of the online course

Goal part 3:

I want to find out what the specifics of a special type of blockchain uses cases are. In this context I am interested in blockchain for social impact use cases. My current understanding is that these uses cases are build around the objective to use blockchain to achieve a positive social impact. This could be for charity, for identification issues, for micropayment transactions in the thrid world or many other. As a basis for my activities in this area I will use a study about Bockchain for social impact conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Deliverable of Part 3:

  • A list of uses cases of blockchain for social impact. This list shall contain especially uses cases for which operational implementations exist.
  • A description of these use cases.
  • Evaluation of the practical relevance of these type of use cases, i.e. are there data about volume, frequencies etc.?
  • Evaluation about how blockchain projects for social impact can be funded and if there are sustainable business models in this respect.

In general terms the deliverable for Part 3 is a high level description of the ecosystem of blockchain for social impact.

Goal part 4:

Finally I want to to implement at least one smart contract, possibly on the basis of Ethereum. At this moment I do not have really an idea about how complicated this ist, but I will see.

Deliverable of Part 4:

Implementation of a smart contract on the basis of blockchain