Habits – Pay The Price

The 7 Habits

Back in the 90`s I read the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” written by Stephen Covey. I still like this book very much because the 7 habits embody very fundamental principles. From my point of view these principles have been right when the book has been published in 1989 and they are still. In 1990 I was looking for guidance and thought the book could help me to find my way. Though I was convinced of the principles described in the book it felt difficult for me to transfer the ideas from written word to practice.

The Workbook

In later years “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Personal Workbook” (7H-WB) has been published which aims at providing guidance to acquire the 7 habits.

An important statement in the section “About This Personal Workbook” reads: “If you are willing to pay the price to truly understand and apply the habits and principles taught in the book and this workbook, you will reap powerful benefits”.

Comparing WOL to the 7 Habits I see many parallels. The 7H-WB partly can be seen as what the circle guides are for WOL. But the weekly structure of the circle meetings and the peer coaching approach remain key differentiators.

Pay the Price

It may be seen as reasonable to reap the benefits of WOL by just attending the circle meetings. Nevertheless there is no chance to hide in the group, the price needs to be paid by each and everyone personally.

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