Sometimes while I am walking I close my eyes for some moments after taking a lookahead of some meters. This feels great. I listen to my steps. Listen to the noise when my feet touch the ground. I can feel the wind. During these moments I experience everything around me in a special way. Everything feels very specific. There is a deep trust that everything is ok. And it feels relaxing. It is like not holding everything firm but letting go. Just listening to what happens. And acting kind of intuitively. These moments are short and special.

Let go

I experienced this type of letting go during my business life too. At some point in time I had some health problems. Back then I needed to stay out of the office for some time. I asked myself the question how to integrate such situations in my job-life. From then on whenever possible I began to integrate colleagues around me in what I did as early as possible. I shared as much information as possible. More than before I made sure the colleagues around me knew what I was doing and where I was heading for. This resulted in a situation where at every point in time someone else could take over in case I would need to stay out of business for some time.


This was good for my projects too. I went kind of very smooth suddenly…Like walking with closed eyes…Not trying to control everything…Letting go…Trusting in the environment.


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