The 12 Day WOL Experiment – Day 1 – 9


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Day 9

Experiment CANCELLED on Day 9

“Face the truth” is the thought for today. Today I cancelled the 12 day WOL experiment. Though I am still convinced of the idea I stopped the Experiment today.

The plain truth is that I am not meeting my personal quality requirements for this Experiment.

The idea came to my mind, I thought “why not just do it” and I started the project. Now I feel it is just too “thin” to just do it. The topic of WOL use cases excites me and the idea to find the different inherent structures starts me up. But I need more time to prepare this Experiment  and to put my complete focus on it through the 12 days period. I have to rethink it.

At some point in time after some thorough preparation I may restart it. Sorry for that but I didn’t want to waste your time.

Be sure: I’ll be back!

Day 8 & 9

Make it a habit; provide valuable content

USE CASE 5: Learn about yourself and expand your network

Make it a habit by rewarding yourself with a good feeling taking steps in the right direction.  And create success day after day. But am I aware of the habits I want to foster?

Content is not only the content one provides for others but also the content one acquires for oneself

Day 7

USE CASE 4: Come together, mutually mentor each other, and sharpen your visions

Obviously the 12 day WOL Experiment cannot replace a normal WOL cycle of 12 weeks. But my personal experience as I am doing this experiment is that it gives me some kind of break form myself. Step back, look at what I am doing, what I took away from my 12 weeks WOL cycle and think about how to improve. Step by step.

Day 5 & 6

USE CASE 3: Managers can learn how to lead through Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring: “…Some are also using it for diversity or leadership development – for that use case the circles have been adapted and changed to a reverse mentoring approach so that young people work with executives and they teach them in their own save and confidential space how managers can lead …”.
I found this use case here in an interview with John Stepper.
Who initiates this?
Probably not a bad idea for an executive to initiate this himself.

On the agenda for today: “Facts about you” and “Improve my visibility”
My Quintessence for these two: Appearance is not everything – substance is key

Day 4


Let me go one step back. A Use Case is an actor in a specific role using a system to achieve a goal, i.e.
Who can the actor be?
The Actor can be a person with role:
– human
– employee
– member of executive team
– member of a department, e.g. HR

What does each of them want to achieve?
– An individual can have the goal of personal development
– An executive can have the goal to transform the company (e.g. cultural change)
– HR could have the goal to smoothen the onboarding of new employees, foster collaboration

What is the System?
– Working Out Loud
– if HR is an actor then the employee is part of the system
– if executive is actor then employee is part of the system
If employee is seen as part of the system then trust as precondition for Working Out Loud could be in danger.

On the agenda for today: “The inbox empathy game” – “Earn someone else’s attention”

Day 3

USE CASE 3: no Use Case today

On the agenda for today: “Pay yourself first”, I’ll be generous to myself

Day 2

USE CASE 2: Onboarding to a new Company: Learn how to navigate the new Company.

I found this use case here.

On the agenda for today: “Offer your first Contributions”

Day 1

The Goal :

Find out about:

  1. What happens if I go through the 12 WOL steps in a Circle of 12 days instead of 12 weeks?
  2. Is it possible to find 12 wol Use Cases in 12 Days?

USE CASE 1: Adopt a new Job role, sharpen the job role description and expand the role specific network across the business community outside the company

In my first Job after graduation from my studies of Computer Sciences I worked for a small company who was providing consulting services in the area of SAP business process design. Since they wanted to have an SAP/R2 Sandbox System I was assigned the role of being the Systems Admin. To make it short, I was completely lost being the one and only person in this company to handle all system side tasks for this huge Mainframe System. 
I tried as hard as I could but I had the feeling whenever I fixed a problem there were 20 new problems coming up. And no one in my company with whom I could discuss these issues since I was the only technical IT person. There was no Internet at that time and when I needed information I had to call someone. But whom? There was no online community, nothing like etc. In the end somehow I was able to hold my head above the water line but I am sure at that time a group like a WOL circle would have helped me to

  • generate better Ideas of how to handle some of the problems
  • sharpen my job role description as Administrator
  • adopt my new job role easier
  • systematically expand my personal role specific business network
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