The 12 Day WOL Experiment – Retrospective

The goal of the 12 Day WOL Experiment was to find out
  • if a 12 day WOL program can deliver a refresh of the 12 week WOL experience
  • if it is possible to achieve a goal during the 12 days period similar to the 12 week WOL circle
  • how the networking experience during the 12 days duration compares to the 12 week experience
What went well?
  • each day refreshes the key thought of a specific week
  • starting a specific day (e.g. day 4) with the circle guide of this specific week (e.g. week 4) gives a good orientation for that day
  • during the 12 days several highlights of the 12 week program came back to my mind
  • each day reminded me to be systematic re networking
  • I could refresh my personal habit tracking
What needs improvement?
  • during the 12 week program the goal is used as a sandbox to work through the weekly guides. The goal I chose for the experiment (“12 use cases in 12 days”) was too big and could not work as a sandbox. Probably no goal or a much smaller goal could be ok
  • because of having the goal I felt pressure to move forward from day one; this added to the fact that I communicated the status of the experiment through social networks
  • communicating via,  and created additional pressure (i.e. too much communication)
  • almost no feedback through social networks
  • there needs to be more guidance for a specific day – a very specific short pregnant key thought for each day (e.g. a specific 12 day booster table)
Restructure the experiment for the next trial?
  • there will be no goal
  • preparation of a list of people whom I will contact during the experiment (“networking guide”)
  • preparation of a table with 12 key thoughts before starting the experiment, i.e. one key thought for each of the 12 days
  • reduced communication via social networks and a summary at the end
When to setup version 2 of the experiment?
  • soon
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