The One-Person Use Case


The coincidence of two independent incidents

Three months ago 2 things happened coincidentely. First I wanted to learn about the technical concepts behind blockchain; second I stumbled across an article about working out loud. Both topics began to fascinate me.

Blockchain is a very broad topic connecting many different aspects. Bitcoin is only one of the aspects, but admittedly the most prominent. However blockchain is much more. As a technical concept it is about data structures, cryptography, stochastic processes, business requirements, a wide area of different use cases and much more.

Unexpectedly I found information about blockchain for charity and for social impact and various use cases in this area. I wanted to deepen my knowledge of this area, experiment with technical infrastructure and have conversations with experts.

On the other hand side I began to read about working out loud. I was reminded of an old project which I was managing 20 years ago (I wrote about this in my blog). I became fascinated by the enthusiasm around working out loud and I wanted to find out from where this enthusiasm comes. It looked easy to work out loud and follow the concepts presented on

Why not do both

Then there was a point where I thought: why not combine both topics. Simply stated: „Learn about blockchain and expand my personal network through the practice of working out loud“.

But could I discuss the blockchain-topic during the weekly circle meetings? Should I? With whom should I discuss? The solution came to me during a working_out_loud_CH_meetup. Somewhere during the discussion I stated that it might be possible to work out loud alone. Another participant of the Meetup said to me „why don‘t you just do it?“ Sentences like these have always challenged me.

This was the solution

Yes, this was the solution. Just do it. So I began to form my own one-person circle. While going through the circle meetings I began to work on my relationship list and began to contact people who where active in the area of blockchain. Slowly my network began to grow in that respect.

On the other hand side I realised that WOL went much deeper than I originally thought. I worked through aspects like systematically working on relationships, empathy as a basis for good communication, not only thinking about purpose but explicitly describing a vision of my own purpose, working on habit-building and some more. WOL kept me busy and awake during some nights while I was working through the 12 week program. Each of these topics is worth thinking about it by itself. In the 12 week curriculum it feels like a journey.

My one-person use case: learn about myself and expand my blockchain network

Sure I could have done this in a group. But I could do it alone too. At some points I felt that I needed to talk to someone else. And so I began to talk. I had conversations about wol with my family, with friends, with some colleagues, and with almost strangers. It was interesting, fascinating and exciting. Still I am working on my list of open items which I collected during my 12 week journey. I am sure I will be working on this list for some more time. It has been one part of my goal for the one person circle to find out if wol makes sense for one person alone.

My answer to this question is “YES”

If someone decides to go through a one-person-circle he will learn a lot about himself. He will have interesting conversations with many people. He will expand his network. All in all it is clear for me: “no excuses, go for it”.

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