Week 10: Become more systematic – 6 Steps to create Success Day after Day

How to create Success every Day

My top 2 items in the Contribution Checklist of week 10 are “offer Feedback” and “share your experience”. Let me apply this to the Habit Checklist of week 8.

Feedback – Step 1: Concentrate on the Top 3 Habits

Each point in the Habit Checklist is a perfect hit. Just my personal problem is that I may be a little bit overambitious from time to time. Hence I begin with small steps and concentrate on my top 3 of the Habit Checklist:

  1. Set achievable goals
  2. Take small steps
  3. Chart your progress

Experience – Step 2: Choose 3 Goals every Day

Some time ago I decided, that I will choose 3 goals for each and every day – and I still do so. It is of importance that I am sure to achieve each of these goals by the evening of each day. This means each goal can be as tiny as necessary, the one and only hard criterion is that I am sure to achieve it by the end of that specific day.

Let us call it my Personal Habit Happiness List. I want to create a happy feeling every evening. It want the positive experience that I have been able to achieve each of the 3 goals on my daily list. This helps me to develop and keep this habit.

Step 3: Plan for 3 goals which are totally under Your Control at first

It can be any private or business goal. But be careful. Lets say the goal is: “I want to call person X today”. This could be problematic, what if I cannot reach this person? For the beginning goals should be independent from circumstances which are not under your control.

Especially in the beginning, lets say during the first 3 months, make sure each of the three goals can be achieved during the specific day.

Step 4: Write it down

I write my goals down every day. Somewhere where I can have a quick look, where I can see the checkmark behind every achieved goal. I want to create a visible success situation: 3 goals => 3 checkmarks.

It is very important that I don’t leave it in my head – I write it down – I need to see it

Every evening I celebrate my success:
  • I write down 3 goals every day
  • I can feel my habit getting stronger every day
  • I have the opportunity to celebrate when moving each of my goals from “planned for today” to “achieved today”

Step 5: Don’t be too severe with Yourself

If I cannot make it one day I am not too severe with myself! I say to myself: “At least I had my list with 3 goals and I started to work on it”. Then I concentrate on the next day. I am starting the next day again with a beginners mind, again I put 3 goals on my list and begin to work on it.

Step 6: Make it Your Habit Happiness List and enjoy the Success

After doing this for some time you will recognise that it feels good to have 3 successes every day. You will love the feeling of being successful every single day. After 3 months your list will get more complex. For me it was important to leave the 3 goals simple during the first 3 months. Remember it is important to have many successes and much reason to celebrate during the first three months. Then you will be on a good path.

After these three months your Habit Happiness List will ensure that your new habits guarantee happy days – day after day.

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