Week 11: Big Questions


This week raises some  interesting questions! The question during Check-in has been: „Think about a change you’d like to see in the world, then think of yourself leading a group of people to make that change. Does that make you feel empowered and inspired or anxious and afraid?“.  Wow, what a big question!

Of course, there are things I would like to change in the world. Sometimes big issues find their expression through little circumstances.

Last week I received a letter sent to me by a big company. The letter contained nothing but discount coupons. Obivously everyone likes to get more for less: „Show this coupon and get 50 % discount. Buy 2 and get the third for free“.

Isn‘t this a great deal? Wrong question! Do I really need three when buying two? Did I need one of these items before I read the letter or do I have the feeling to need one only after reading I will get 50% discount? Right question!

But the story goes on. Business people who create letters of this kind, who think about tricks to tempt me to buy things I don‘t need, are customers themselves after they leave their office in the evening. Possibly they also do not like these letters from other companies. For sure they also care about the environment and think about what it means for the environment to buy more things than necessary.

Coming to this point during the Check-in for this week I ask myself:

  • did I understand the question right?
  • did the question ask for big changes in the world as a a whole or is the question:  „what can I change in my direct surroundings“ ?

Do I feel empowered and inspired or anxious and frightened? …to be the leader? …or about the consequences of my change project?

Anyway the Check-in leads to interesting ideas and thoughts. And I am sure, there is more to come next week. I will continue the week 11 journey and think about it.

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