Week 9: what is the Essence?


In the circle guide for week 9 John Stepper writes about the “Dinner Table University”:
“Leo’s father examined and considered each contribution carefully, no matter how small it was. Leo said that by looking at them, listening to them, and respecting what they had to say, his father instilled in him a sense of curiosity and a habit for learning that lasted his entire life.
What is the essence of this situation?
Someone asks me to present my idea, to talk about my thoughts.
Someone asks me to talk about my plans.
Someone asks me to talk about my work, about what I am doing, how I am doing it.
How I am tackling the problems I am currently working on.
How does he behave?
What is he doing?
He is curious about what I am saying.
He is listening with open mind, with a beginners mind.
He is free of prejudice.
Trying to understand (not necessarily agreeing to) what I am feeling, full of empathy.
In the mode of comprehension.
Serious, honest, mindful.
 Is this leadership?
What if I do the same to him?